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Tif and Kittie’s recognise the importance of developing positive self-esteem in all children but also recognises that some social factors make it particularly necessary with girls and young women. Through Confidence and Creativity we will contribute to the development of confidence and positive self-esteem so that young women are able to make the right choices in their lives.


Self-image is the picture we have of ourselves – what we see when we look in the mirror.
Self-esteem is the “grade” that we give that picture.
What’s in the mirror, face and body image, is only part of us.
Opinions and influences from others; the people we listen to, the magazines we read and the programmes we watch on television all affect our self esteem
In return, our self-esteem influences how we allow these opinions to affect our body image.
When being “beautiful” on the outside is the main focus, it becomes easy to believe the illusions created in magazines and on television leading us to set ourselves unrealistic, unattainable goals.
When we are able to detach looks from self-esteem and consider the other good things about ourselves (kindness, support giver, personal achievements) we are more likely to be realistic about natural body imperfections and difference.


***Due to start after the school summer break, Confidence and Creativity workshops are a combination of product making and age appropriate discussions/exercises to promote positive self esteem in girls age 5+*** 

“always remember to be YOUnique”