Unusual      CONFIDENCE AND CREATIVITY                                                            

We run self-esteem building Confidence and Creativity workshops for girls, where creation of their own Tif and Kittie’s bath and body products goes hand in hand with building self-confidence over a six week course.

There are workshops for Under 12 and Over 12 years, with a maximum of eight girls per group.  The girls enjoy a 90 minute workshop session each week for six weeks, covering product making and self-esteem issues.

Cost – just £55 per girl for all six sessions, which also includes all the materials for product making.

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All the sessions are run by Mary Jones, who has a wealth of experience in working supportively with groups and individuals to develop confidence – and in making fabulous Tif and Kittie’s products


Tif and Kittie’s is a social enterprise business.  Here is our mission statement:                       

“Tif and Kittie’s recognise the importance of developing positive self-esteem in all children but also recognises that some social factors make it particularly necessary with girls and young women. Through products and services we will contribute to the development of confidence and positive self esteem so that girls and young women are able to make the right choices in their lives”.

There are many concerns for parents when their daughters begin their journey to independence, such as worries over possible bullying, physical/emotional abuse and  social media/internet exploitation.

At Tif and Kittie’s, we believe girl’s who have healthy self-esteem value themselves and are more likely to have the skills to make their own choices, identify what they are experiencing, make healthy choices about personal relationships and have the confidence to ask for help if they need it. They are also less likely to become isolated, develop depression,  self-harm, and take less risks with alcohol, drugs and their sexual health.



Workshop facilitator Mary Jones uses self-esteem materials she developed herself, drawing on the experience of the 20+ years work in supported vulnerable girls.  This structured part of the workshop will last for the first 45 minutes each week and includes age appropriate discussions, exercises and interactive games that deal with issues that can effect a girl’s self-esteem.

  • Session 1 – The YOUnique box explores individuality and uniqueness.                                      

  • Session 2 – Responsibility, respect and good and bad choices focuses on all forms of bullying.

  • Session 3 – It’s all about me takes a look at why it’s so hard to talk about ourselves in a positive way for some but not for others

  • Session 4 – “Does my bum look big in this” is about body image and the reason why so many girls feel bad for looking a certain way.

  • Session 5 – “Tell” is a question and answer computer app where the girls randomly select a question, answer it, and the rest of the group can discuss whether their answer would be the same or different (by session 5 the group are comfortable enough with each other to be able to debate or disagree)

  • Session 6 – I am…….. by others,  tells us of the uniqueness that others see in us. A very positive way to end the programme.


The girl’s self-confidence is further boosted by the creative side of each workshop, with each participant using their individuality to create a finished bath or body product, wrapped, labelled and presented in their own collection.

Making products to pamper ourselves is a great way of relaxing and using the products is a really great way of feeling good. This “feel good factor” shifts the focus from the pressure to look good to the importance of feeling good too.

Creativity is the fun, sociable part of the workshop, giving the girls the chance to form friendships and support each other. Even the music plays it’s part, with the workshop playlist compiled of tracks with lyrics which promote positive self-worth and confidence. The song lyrics are also printed on the work mats used for product making.

Participants create a different bath or body product each week which are displayed in a gift box/basket, showcasing their unique creations on the final week. 

Tif and Kittie's Confidence and Creativity (1)                       POEM                                   



  • Increased confidence and self-value         

  • Increased coping skills 

  • Socialise with others in an enjoyable activity

  • Opportunity to form friendships and to socialise out with the workshops as a group.                 

  • Increased confidence in their creative ability

  • Chance to experiment with colours and fragrances and learn about product uses  

  • Learning the basics of good skin care and how pampering is a good way of relaxing and feeling good 

  • A feeling of pride and achievement after the journey from raw materials to six beautifully packaged, unique creations.

CONFIDENT AND CREATIVE                                                                                              

Every girl attending the workshops will be given a “mirror, mirror ” sticker at the end of the six weeks.  These stickers are printed with a message to stick on her mirror to remind her of her uniqueness every time she looks at her reflection.

When being “beautiful” on the outside is the main focus, it becomes easy to believe the illusions created in magazines and on television leading us to set ourselves unrealistic, unattainable goals.

When we are able to detach looks from self-esteem and consider the other good things about ourselves (kindness, support giver, personal achievements) we are more likely to be realistic about natural body imperfections and differences, and start to believe in our own fantastic uniqueness.

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  “always remember to be YOUnique”